Almost as unpredictable as the removal.  Although there are several manufacturers that make worry free paper there are many more that do not.  I've hung every paper available yet I still find challenges on many jobs.  Because of this we always hang paper based on the job and not by the roll.

Please pick out your paper first in order to get an accurate quantity needed.






Removing wallpaper can be a nightmare, a stroll through the park or something in between.  On the more difficult jobs having the right equipment, material and experience can save a lot of money in surface preparation.  Sometimes there's no damage and sometimes entire walls need to be skim coated.  Because of this we always do our wallpaper removal on a time and material basis.

It's the fairest way for both parties.

This is one of my favorite papers to hang.  Pronounced   Tee-Bo

It's the oldest wallpaper manufacturer in the US.

Right here in Jersey.